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Reshaping Enterprise IT Security Strategy with the Power of Cyber Intelligence

Minimize your Cyber Attack Surface

Maximize your Investments in IT Security


Harden your First Line of Cyber Defense...

...Take your IT Security to Higher Grounds

Technology-centric cyber defense can be counterproductive in the absence of a matured cybersecurity culture.

CIntelSec's human-centric approach enables businesses to establish and promote stronger enterprise cybersecurity culture for improved and long-term online safety. 

Find more details on how to maximize your IT security investments using CIntelSec's smart information security awareness and best practice solutions.

Engage your personnel in your cybersecurity strategy and get the most out of your cyber defense technologies.

Check out how CIntelSec's Cybersecurity Awareness Program helps Organizations build a robust enterprise online security culture.

Work with our experienced and qualified cybersecurity consultants to assist your organization in the design, implementation, testing, or assessment of your information security systems.


Learn more about CIntelSec's consultancy services or contact us to discuss your specific IT security requirements in further detail.

We provide your workforce with the right knowledge and skills to understand cybersecurity threats to your business. This helps in engineering the most efficient solutions to improve your IT security systems.


Would you like to discuss your information security training needs?

contact us and our consultants will assist you to determine the training that best aligns with your specific IT security needs.

PenTesting & Vulnerability Assessment

Do you require qualified IT security engineers to perform vulnerability assessments or penetration testing on your IT systems and applications?


Our seasoned Pentesters with relevant security clearances are ready to help.

Get in touch!

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Invest in your People &
Experiment Collaborative Cyber Defense

Empowering your personnel is key to developing an effective cybersecurity strategy. CIntelSec provides training in cybersecurity awareness and best practices, IT Governance, and a variety of compliance and IT security certifications.

Full Customer Experience Service

Customer Satisfaction, Our Top Priority!

At CIntelSec, we value customer satisfaction. That is why all our solutions or services are built around customer needs for better impact. Furthermore, we view our customers as partners.


Let CIntelSec collaborate with your teams to engineer effective solutions that will create true value for your business!

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